About Aural Sex

Aural Sex is a podcast committed to producing ethical erotica made for and by queer and trans people. We believe that sex and politics rub up against each other in a way that, frankly, we think is hot. We want to talk about kinds of sex that aren’t portrayed very often, the kinds that are halted somewhere between the imagination and mainstream representations.

On Aural Sex, you’re going to hear fiction and nonfiction stories that explore sex and queer fantasy in ways that we hope are unique and affirming. Each story is accompanied by additional resources on consent, identity, pleasure, and sexual health.

The erotic media industry has wide-reaching impact on how we have sex in the real world. Building a better world requires making room for new intimacies in the stories we share. On Aural Sex, we hope you find a place to politicize your fantasies without policing them, and of course, to get off while you’re at it.

How We Work

Aural Sex is committed to being a free resource for erotic media, while striving to be as ethically-produced, transparent, and affirming as possible.

We believe that sex work is real work. As such, we make sure to pay contributors for their time and labor. We provide a platform to publish work written and read by queer and trans artists. We also try to prioritize actors and writers of color, trans/GNC folks, low income actors/writers, and sex workers.

We read every submission we receive, and pay a minimum of $50 to each contributor. In the future, we hope to be able to pay more. The bulk of our funding (so far) has come from the Swearer Center at Brown University, and the Brown Arts Initiative. A few episodes are also sponsored by Mister Sister, a queer-owned erotic boutique in Providence, Rhode Island.

Our Story


Aural Sex was started by two friends in a bed in New York City. We had a dream to get funding to make the kind of erotica we wish we had access to, but never expected that we would actually get to make it. Our first episodes were recorded on phones in blanket forts, produced in coffee shops, and shared among friends. Since then, we’ve branched out, and have started to feel like this project might actually be a real thing. We’re so excited to share our first two seasons, and we’ll keep you updated about a Season 3!

Contact Us!

Do you have thoughts, questions, or fantasies to share? Email them to queeraudio@gmail.com or comment below!

We are currently not accepting new submissions.


You can also follow us on instagram @auralsexpodcast and on twitter @auralsexx!