Tied and True

An intimate, unscripted encounter, recorded for your pleasure. Aural Sex finally brings you the real deal.

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Guided Masturbation

Go f*** yourself! No, really, go fuck yourself. This guided masturbation exercise is for all bodies and desires. Touch yourself, treat yourself, take some time for yourself.

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Learning to Behave

It’s time to meet your new dom. Don’t be shy, she knows just how to take care of you.

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In a dystopian tundra, two gay Christmas elves find shelter in each other’s arms. But just how far will they go for one another?

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Mistress and Moonlight

A risquĂ© selfie leads to a hot afternoon for this lesbian couple. Let’s hope the roommates don’t hear.

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Carlos’ Confession

A man walks into a confession booth, wondering if he’s sinned. But he doesn’t expect the priest to be so interested in the details…

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And Scene

A play within a radioplay- how will they ever untangle their feelings? Rehearsal’s over and it’s time to act.

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Mysteries of the Convent

Behind the doors of a Victorian convent, habits are broken, in more ways than one. Some bored nuns, a naughty priest, a peep hole, and a whip come together in this heretical historical episode.

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