On The Redeye

A stranger, a missed connection, and an overnight flight. Buckle up, we’re about to reach cruising altitude.

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Heaux Confessions

It’s Berlin in the early 2000s. Troublesome johns, cocky pornstars, and multinational threesomes are all in a day’s work. Welcome to the Heaux Confessions.

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Coffee XXX

It’s after hours at the local cafe, and the cute barista lets you inside for a cup of tea. In this fantasy, things get steamy.

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A bad day at the auto shop gets Scott all riled up. Luckily, Scott’s dom knows just how to rev his engine.

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In this 1970s feminist utopia, a college organizer takes a break from the Sex Wars to revisit an old flame. Leather jackets, hitchhiking, women with a y, this story is everything your cool aunt wished Bryn Mawr had been.

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By the Fury of the Storm

In this sci-fi western, two lovers–a sheriff and an outlaw–reunite while waiting out a sandstorm. What will happen when the dust settles?

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To SZA or not to scissor? In this cozy story, two sexy introverts come out of their shells and into each other’s shorts. They soon learn each other’s body language, spooning preferences, and taste in music.

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800 Ft. Away

It’s a late night on a dating app, and two guys have some fun in virtual space. But their connection is all too real.

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In 1953, a sultry vampiress haunts an L.A. dyke bar. Don’t worry, she doesn’t want to hurt you… much.

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