Bloodthirsty: Resources

auralsex-bloodthirsty-1.2-01Vampira is based on a real character, played by Maila Nurmi on the Vampira TV show that aired in the 50s. Check out this vintage episode for more of her incredible Top Energy™. 

While you’re probably not a vampire, it’s still good to know about blood-transmitted STIs and communicate with partners about safe sex whether or not you have an STI. Check out this chart on common symptoms, testing and treatment, but remember that the most common symptom for STIs is no symptom at all, so it’s important to get regularly checked for STIs if you are sexually active. There are national organizations like Planned Parenthood as well as (often free) local resources for this! 

V uses a belt to restrain N-- here’s  some info on safe bondage practices, such as checking the tightness of restraints. And of course, autostraddle has some great resources gathered on BDSM dynamics more broadly.