Heaux Confessions: Resources

auralsex-heaux-confessionals-2.1-01 (1)Sex Work
Sex work is real work, but a lot of people seem to struggle with this concept. Our friends at the CSPH have put together an intro on what sex work is and isn’t, and how sex work and sex trafficking are different, though sometimes related issues. Another great resource around sex work is COYOTE, which stands for Call Off Your Tired Old Ethics, the first sex workers’ rights group in the United States. We also recommend checking out and supporting the Black Sex Worker Collective, especially their anti-criminalization principles. These are extremely important in light of Trump’s Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, or FOSTA, which criminalizes website hosts, effectively shutting down websites where sex workers can advertise and removing the online vetting tools that sex workers have used to ensure their safety. 

Sex and Drugs
Drugs are consumed during several of the sex scenes in these stories. It’s important to understand how to keep sex pleasurable and safe while on drugs. This website is specifically about crystal meth, but has good tips that apply to drug use in general, including clean needles, planning ahead, and setting boundaries. 

Group Sex
Triston has a couple group sex experiences in these stories. Here’s an article on how to have group sex (although there are no universal rules, and it’s best to just check in with everyone involved). Group sex can also happen at sex parties, which have more defined rules and norms. Here’s a guide to help you navigate (gay) sex parties: part one and part two. 

Having sex with multiple partners means it’s especially important to use protection with each partner. Condoms and other barrier methods are easy to use and available! Check this out for a whole safer sex tool box. 

Sex and Stereotypes 
Triston talks about a client who “just wants to verify if the stereotype about Black men is true.” Racial stereotypes are incredibly common in pornography, and are reinforced by the industry in ways that perpetuate sexual and racialized violence. Racial fetishization is common in porn categories and particularly effects the lives of porn stars and sex workers of color, who are often paid less. Like porn, resources around sex more broadly are often created for white audiences. The CSPH has a whole page of resources on sex and people of color, which we highly recommend.