Kali: Resources

auralsex-kali-1.2-01In this story, we hear two Black women actively practicing verbal consent. Consent is demonstrated as an ongoing process, more than a goal. At any point it can be given or taken away. The main character is able to say no without pressure because of the established and ongoing communication throughout the experience. Their sex is not driven by achieving an orgasm-- instead, it’s about sharing an experience and pleasing each other. For more about affirmative consent, here’s this intro to consent, and this article about making consent sexy! 

Mental health and sex can often be linked. In this story, we see characters share intimacy while navigating anxiety. If you have anxiety with or about sex, you’re not alone! Check out this article sharing personal experiences with sex and anxiety, and this broader list of resources on mental health for queer/trans people. Project LETS also has a great model of peer support for mental healing. 

And finally, if you’re someone who likes cats, here’s a gif for you!