Learning to Behave: Resources

Learning to Behave-01Lesbians need to have safe sex too! Our best friends (though they don’t know it) at autostraddle have a great illustrated guide to lesbian safe sex. Make dental dams a thing again!

Vivienne and Cass use a strap-on dildo to great effect! Here’s how to use one properly, and don’t forget to keep your sex toys clean.

There’s some light choking going on in this story, and if you’re going to do it, it’s so so important to do it safely! Always use a safe word--and if you’re experimenting with choking, it’s also good to come up with a non-verbal signal.

Many people have written about finding healing in safe and consensual BDSM practices. Although abuse can exist in sub/dom relationships, Vivienne and Cass show how to use safe words and ongoing and intimate consent practices to make it fun for everyone. And of course, autostraddle has some great resources gathered on BDSM more broadly, including one on how to live your best top life.

Cass wears as a leash and collar during their play. Whenever you tie someone up, make sure you can slip two fingers between them and the restraint to make sure it’s not too tight. Also, the more tightly you bind someone, the less time they can spend in that position. Check out these safe bondage practices, and think about swapping the handcuffs for restraints, which are much safer and less likely to put pressure on wrists or cause nerve damage.