Milkweed: Resources

auralsex-milkweed-1.2-01Delilah and Jeanne use a strap-on dildo to great effect! Here’s how to use one properly, and don’t forget to keep your sex toys clean.

This story also engages with transmasculinity, an umbrella term which includes some non-binary people and trans men. The story mentions binders (here’s a helpful how-to, not just for trans men!), hormones (here’s a long and a short spiel), and top surgery as ways of externally expressing one’s gender identity. However, these are not the only ways that transmasculine people choose to present. If you’re looking to get a binder and can’t afford one, there may be free binders out there for you!

The story also addresses the social exclusion and physical violence too often faced by transmasculine people, and trans people more broadly. Furthermore, this story takes us back into the history of feminism, showing us that queers, feminists, and trans people have strived for more inclusive spaces in every age. This story creatively imagines a past, allowing us to envision a more loving future. Check out The Watermelon Woman, Looking for Langston, and Stone Butch Blues for other art by queer/trans people that deals with similar themes!