Mistress and Moonlight: Resources

Mistress + Moonlight-01Tasha and her partner do anal in this episode-- here’s a good guide to first-time lesbian anal sex. The information in this article applies to toys and penises alike! For even more fun, check out the trans sex activity book.

In this episode, Tasha uses “berry goodness” lube. Lube is key for minimizing injury and making sex more fun. Lubes can be water-based, silicone-based, or oil based, just remember never to use silicone-based lubes on silicone sex toys, and never use oil-based lubes on latex barrier methods. Water-based lube works with everything, but can dry out a little quicker as well. Here’s a handy graphic to keep it all ‘straight’. 

Tasha uses a condom in this story- you should use one too! Tasha also demonstrates how to dispose of condoms properly- taking it off, tying the top, and throwing it away. Also, check out the Queer and Trans Safer Sex Project for a bunch of zines dedicated to safer sex.

Tasha is a trans woman, and the top in this story. Stereotypical representations often portray trans women as being either sexually aggressive or needing to be submissive to adopt womanhood. But really, trans women can have sex however they want to! The way someone has sex never invalidates their gender identity. Gender is way more complicated than that.