On The Redeye: Resources

auralsex-redeye-1.2-01.pngPlease note- definitely try this at home, but do NOT try this on a plane. It's actually kind of illegal. That's what fantasies are for. 

There’s muffing in this story, but it isn’t done in a totally realistic way. Muffing involves stimulating the inguinal canal, which is the body cavity where the testes descend from. It usually takes some practice to figure out with a partner. Communicate, use lube, and go slow until you find a spot where you can clearly put in a finger tip- start by massaging using just a fingertip and work up over time. The ultimate guide to muffing comes from a zine by Mira Bellwether. There’s also free, but less comprehensive tips on muffing (as well as other sex tips from and for trans people). It’s best to figure this out on yourself first so that you can communicate with a partner what it should feel like. Go muff yourself! 

Language is important and ever-expanding! The characters demonstrate the importance of communicating not just about pronouns, but also about language they like to use for their body parts. Just because someone has a body part doesn’t mean they want to use it or call it by its medical name. Everyone deserves to have partners that use language that feels affirming for their body and identity. This comprehensive guide to safer sex for trans women includes some helpful tips on language, safer sex, navigating the medical system, and more! 

There’s so much to say about medical transition, but here’s a briefest of intros to what that process can mean for people. The main character specifically talks about going on hormones (here’s a long and a short spiel directed at transmasculine people) and getting top surgery. If you want to get all the info on best practices, medical information, and specifics on hormones/surgery/trans health for both providers and patients, check out the UCSF Center of Excellence for Transgender Health. Here’s a list of clinics that specialize in trans health if you live nearby in the US or Canada, and a tiny guide to accessing health care as a queer/trans person! 

In this story, the characters participate in an age-old queer tradition: having sex in public! Here’s some fun tips on how to do it, but remember it’s illegal in most places. Also, we’re pretty sure the flight attendant knew and was into it. 

While clocking is often a traumatic experience for many trans and queer people, this story shows us the potential joys of clocking between trans people-- as a means of public intimacy, shared knowledge, and a way to find each other. For more fun with new or old partners, check out the trans sex activity book.