There’s so much to say about medical transition, but here’s a briefest of intros to what that process can mean for people. Here’s a long and a short spiel on hormones, directed at transmasculine people (and here’s some info on top surgery). And here’s a broad guide to hormones for transfeminine people. There’s also wisdom out there from trans women who have done it before, recounting their experiences with medical transition!

Transitioning can be tough to access, especially for those without the resources or available medical care. Here’s a list of clinics that specialize in trans health if you live in the US or Canada, and a tiny guide to accessing health care as a queer/trans person! While DIY transitioning is possible (and should be done according the the dosage described by the UCSF Center below), it is often actually cheaper, easier, and more accessible to use a medical route. Also, there’s a nationwide estrogen shortage, which is making estrogen found on the street even less pure/reliable. If you want to get all the info on best practices, medical information, and specifics on hormones/surgery/trans health for both providers and patients, check out the UCSF Center of Excellence for Transgender Health.

If you don’t want to medically transition right now, or are having trouble accessing it, here are some tips from a trans woman about expressing your gender identity (and taking care of yourself) without–or before–hormones or surgery.

Here’s a helpful how-to on binders, (not just for trans men)! If you’re looking to get a binder and can’t afford one, there may be free binders out there for you!


This comprehensive guide to safer sex for trans women includes some helpful tips on language, safer sex, navigating the medical system, and more!

Trans people often experience transphobia on dating apps. Here’s an article about a nonbinary trans man’s experience, and (especially if you’re cis) some firsthand tips on how to treat people on The Apps™. These are just two people’s experiences, and by no means represent all of the trans community, obviously.

This booklet includes a comprehensive sex guide for gay trans men, including tips on disclosing, finding sex, safer sex, sucking, fucking, and more! The Brown Boi Project’s Freeing Ourselves: A Guide to Health and Self Love is also a great resource for transmasc people of color!

For more fun with new or old partners, check out the trans sex activity book.